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  1. Unless otherwise arranged and agreed in writing, the self-catering holiday accommodation at Fair Oak Farm is let from 4pm on the day of arrival to 9.30am on the day of departure. We reserve the right to retain security deposits in the event that properties are not vacated by 9.30am. Late departures may incur additional charges, from £200 +VAT per hour. 

  2. No more than the stated number of persons at the time of booking your holiday are permitted to use the property. We reserve the right to retain security deposits if additional guests and/or visitors arrive at the property without prior agreement. The property is a private home for holiday use. For the avoidance of doubt, the property may not under any circumstances be "sub-let" to another tenant.

  3. Wedding receptions and ceremonies are not permitted at Fair Oak Farm. In accordance with the terms of our permitted use, without a licence and consent from the property owners, any formal ceremony held on our premises can be made invalid upon notification to the council. In the event that a wedding ceremony is arranged without prior notice, we reserve the right to retain security deposits and charge additional costs.

  4. Confirmation of your booking must be in writing, preferably by e-mail, and will commit you to your booking.

  5. A reservation, once confirmed in writing, renders the person booking liable for the full payment of the quoted price.

  6. All payments are non-refundable, so it is recommended that appropriate travel insurance is taken out to cover recovery of all non-refundable costs.

  7. A booking is not secure until full payment plus authority for the damages deposit has been received.

  8. Unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance, we only accept single payments from one person per booking.  Additional fees may be charged in the event that multiple payments are made for a single booking.

  9. Reservation details including name, address and post code are to be provided at the time of booking.  We are entitled to retain these details for registration with relevant tourism improvement schemes or future marketing (which will include opt out options) but promise not to pass your details on to any third party for marketing purposes.

  10. A returnable damages deposit is required at the time of booking to cover any damage or breakages. The person/business making the booking and/or payment is liable for any damage to the property or its contents.

  11. In the event of a cancellation, although there is no obligation to advertise or attempt to re-let, please notify the owners with as much notice as possible so that best efforts can be made to re-let the property. Notifying the owners of a cancellation terminates any contractual obligation on them to rent the property to you.

  12. There is a strict no smoking policy inside all of the buildings. We reserve the right to retain full damages deposits if there evidence of any smoke damage.

  13. We reserve the right to retain damages deposits if washing up has been left or if the rubbish has not been left out in the correct refuse bins provided.

  14. Wi-fi internet access is provided free of charge for use by resident guests only. The service is provided by a super fast 4G data network. All visitors using the wi-fi service, agree to internet user access, history and usage being monitored. Excessive use of data, such as streaming large media files that may interrupt or reduce the service for others sharing the system, is not permitted without prior consent. In the event of inappropriate or excessive internet use we reserve the right to charge and/or retain damages deposits. 

  15. Although rental agreements are usually for exclusive hire of the holiday accommodation at property, individual buildings may sometimes be booked individually. Each building has their own private space with furniture, fittings and contents specific to that building. Please do not move furniture and contents between buildings without prior consent. We reserve the right to retain damages deposits if furniture, fixtures and contents (including kitchen equipment, crockery, etc) is missing or not returned to their original place.

  16. We reserve the right to retain damages deposits if any furniture, fittings or contents are missing or damaged.  In the event of any damage, please report it so that it can be assessed before you leave the property. In the event that damage is not reported to enable timely assessment, we reserve the right to retain full damages deposits. Unless otherwise arranged and agreed in writing, the minimum damages deposit limit when hiring the property or any part of it is £750 +VAT. Additional limits may apply when retreat hosts employ external suppliers or for private events, pets and other purposes. 

  17. To respect the privacy and comfort of any other guests and/or our neighbours, we ask that there is no excessive noise and all external lighting is switched off after 11pm, otherwise we reserve the right to retain damages deposits.

  18. A barbeque, cots, high chairs and additional linen and towels for sofa beds are available on request at the time of booking for which additional charges may apply. There is no guarantee of their availability if requested on arrival or during your stay.   

  19. Pets must be booked and paid for at the time of booking accommodation, subject to acceptance which depends on farming activities at the time. With prior agreement only, dogs can only stay in the converted barns but no other buildings, some of which are kept allergy-free. The person/business making the booking and the pet owner must guarantee certain conditions are met. These include keeping your dog off beds and upholstered furniture, guaranteeing they are house-trained, keeping them on a lead and at heel at all times within the grounds, cleaning up any mess outside and subsequently ensuring that the enjoyment of future guests is not impaired. We reserve the right to refuse dogs in the property or retain damages deposits in the event that these conditions are not met. There is a charge of £42 per stay per dog, payable at the time of booking, plus £100 per dog added to the damages deposit limit. All vehicles are parked on the premises at the vehicle owner's risk (see item 28 below).

  20. Shoes must not be worn upstairs in the farmhouse or an any carpets. Decorations may only be put up with prior permission and without causing any damage, particularly paint work. Glitter and confetti is not permitted. We reserve the right to retain damages deposits if carpets, floors, walls or ceilings are left dirty or damaged or additional cleaning or repairs are required as a result of not adhering to these terms.

  21. Bookings with exclusive use are generally based on one of three levels of occupancy, up to 17 guests each with single occupancy, 18-24 guests with some sharing and 25-32 guests usually including couples. If you book for single occupancy, you can pay the balance and increase to 18-24 guests no later than three months prior to arrival, but increasing the number of guests to a larger capacity booking or changing to lower occupancy rate is not accepted once a booking is secure.

  22. Additional visitors are not permitted during your stay without prior consent. This includes staff and suppliers. Only our pre-approved 'Trusted Suppliers' are permitted access to the property during your stay. Any catering service or other supplier, such as those employed by a retreat host or guest for services undertaken at the property during their stay, contributes towards maximum occupancy limits agreed at the time of booking and is not permitted without the property owners' prior consent and having had full qualification and insurance checks undertaken and approved by the property owners.

  23. It is the responsibility of the individual(s) and/or business(es) letting the property to ensure they, and all guests and visitors travelling to and staying at the property during their short term tenancy, have suitable and adequate insurances in place, including but not limited to personal injury, health and medical, accidents and travel or any other reason that might prevent them from travelling to or staying at the property. It also their responsibility to ensure that all third party suppliers/visitors they employ or invite on to the property have had prior approval from the property owners to access the property and that they also have suitable and adequate insurances and adequate local authority and health and safety certification in place. Tenant and guest insurance cover is expected to include, but is not limited to: 
    Death, injury or illness happening to you, a member of your family or a friend.
    Any change in your personal circumstances or health, including falling pregnant.
    A recommendation from your GP or medical professional after you have booked.
    - Power, water or other infrastructure failure that is outside the control of the property owner and/or any adverse or extreme weather conditions including snow, frost, fog or storm.
    Mechanical breakdown. accident, fire or theft en-route of a private vehicle en-route or prior to arrival.
    Strike action or other union activity preventing or causing delay to travel.
    - Restrictions to travel imposed by government or any authority, including changes.

    Jury service and court summons.

  24. 'Fair Oak Farm' and it's owners will not be held liable for any guest or tenant cancellations due to adverse weather conditions, illness, any change in personal circumstance or health, travel complications or any other reason whatsoever that might prevent traveling to or staying at the property, including those listed above and any other reason that can be expected to be covered by your own insurance.

  25. It is the responsibility of the individual(s) or business(es) letting the property to ensure that all guests and visitors to the property during their short term tenancy have reviewed current UK government guidance and restrictions in relation to travelling from outside of the UK. If any individual or business is affected by such guidance, restrictions or any changes to them, we advise you to contact your insurers and 'Fair Oak Farm' and it's owners will not be held liable for any guest or tenant cancellations, delays or costs in any way. Our usual cancellation terms apply. Furthermore in the event that future bookings are impacted by a tenant, guest or visitor not following this guidance prior to and during their stay, they will be held liable for all losses and associated costs.

  26. It is the responsibility of the individual(s) or business(es) letting the property to ensure that all non-British guests and visitors to the property travelling from outside of the UK provide a copy of their passport prior to or on arrival, along with their name, address, contact details and confirmation of the place(s) they have travelled from/to before and after their stay, with permission to retain this personal data for up to 3 years, solely for the purpose of inspection by local or other authority. 

  27. Access to and use of the 'Oak Barn', outdoor sauna and other private outbuildings  and land (such as for treatments, a yoga, pilates or fitness class or any other use incidental to the hire of the holiday accommodation) is not included with exclusive hire of the property. Any such uses are strictly limited and need to be pre-booked at the time of booking your accommodation, usually only in conjunction with booking one of our trusted suppliers although there are exceptions. Additional costs may apply for towels, laundry, cleaning, management, etc.

  28. The property owner takes no responsibility for any damage to vehicles or property belonging to guests kept at the premises during their stay. All vehicles are parked on the premises at the vehicle owner's risk. For example, we have free-range animals, so at some times of the year it may be prudent to park away from the main buildings. Coaches, vehicles carrying over 12 people and any other large vehicles are not permitted on our lane and should not be ordered and we reserve the right to retain damages deposits if they are. It is recommend that our trusted suppliers are booked with plenty of advance notice to provide transportation requirements.

  29. When let as self-catering accommodation, we do not provide serviced accommodation. Call-outs that are not considered an emergency or are considered over and above usual self-catering requirements will be subject to charges and we reserve the right to retain damages deposits accordingly.

  30. Please leave the property in an orderly condition so we have ample time to clean in preparation for our next guests. Please check for lost property. In the event property is eft behind, please follow our guidance in the Guest Guide.

  31. The individual(s) and/or business(es) letting the property is responsible for adhering to all Terms and Conditions, including any amendments made prior to or during their stay.

  32. The owners have the right to refuse entry to the property and cancel a booking at any time.

Terms Effective from 1st January 2021, including COVID related disruption:

Now that insurance is readily available to cover all aspects of a stay being impacted by COVID, such as your own health, restrictions to travel or if legislation is introduced to force our closure, then our standard cancellation policy applies and anything that may impact your ability to stay and fulfil your booking remains the customers' risk to mitigate and/or insure. This includes but is not limited to health issues, extreme weather, travel restrictions, attending court, pregnancy etc.


We require and expect any business hiring the property, such as those selling on services and accommodation to their own customers, to have appropriate and suitable insurance in place, including PL and cancellation cover. It is also the responsibility of any private customers and their guests to have insurance in place to cover all of their risks, including adequate travel insurance, including cover for covid-related risks.

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