Are hot British summers and staycations here to stay?

British holidaymakers are turning in to a 'staycation nation' with more than ever opting to holiday closer to home and spending £13 billion on staycations every year, according to an article published in The Daily Express.
Following record breaking temperatures this summer, some are predicting three or four more years of even hotter summers in Britain. If this is the case, surely the UK staycation trend is here to stay?

Back in January 2016, The Guardian reported predictions from the Met Office, who forecast that, apart from a dip in 2017 as the planet-wide cooling effects of El Niño dissipate, for the next five years, up to 2021, we will continue to experience even more warming.

Sussex entrepreneur and experienced non-exec chairman of several travel companies, Steve Endacott, says "Having managed Airtours yield team for many years, I’m more than aware of the impact good UK weather can have on holiday sales in the lates market." More specifically, he talks about patterns of seasonal and even mid-week vs weekend weather having a direct impact on holiday sales, both within the UK and abroad.