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Exclusive Hire Includes Oast House

It only seems like yesterday, but it's been a year or so now since the Oast House became available to book. To date, it's been available to those booking the farm as optional ancillary accommodation, in case additional space were required.

The Oast House will now be included with exclusive hire of the accommodation here at Fair Oak Farm.

So, exclusive hire of the farm will now include overnight accommodation in the farmhouse, converted barns, eco-lodge tree houses, huts and the Oast House. Together, this provides ten separate buildings with their own kitchens and living spaces, so guests can self-cater away from the larger group if they prefer, whilst still benefiting from a variety of communal spaces and outbuildings to get together.

The Oast House has its own private entrance and parking and walled courtyard garden with outside seating. The accommodation includes two bedrooms, two bath/shower rooms, open plan living/dining room and kitchen.

More space and flexibility

Our standard seasonal rates for groups with 25-32 guests will now include the Oast House. As before, rather than increase our maximum allowable capacity, the maximum number of guests permitted on site will not change for larger groups. Although these groups would generally include couples, they now have even more flexibility and spare capacity to enable single occupancy to some rooms if required.

Increased capacity for single and low occupancy groups

Discounted seasonal rates remain available to incentivise single and low occupancy bookings, such as for those hiring the property to host a retreat or business group stay. With the Oast House now included, the single occupancy allowance increases to 17 guests.

If you're planning to host a retreat or business group stay, please do get in touch to find out our discounted seasonal rates for exclusive hire of the property. Our maximum discount now applies to groups of up to 17 guests on site, each with single occupancy to their own private lodge, cottage or room. Low occupancy groups, for between 18 and 24 guests, with some sharing rooms or lodges and single occupancy to all beds, also benefit from a discount to our standard rates. For those making regular bookings, discretionary, additional loyalty discounts may also apply.

For more information about the new Oast House at the farm, including a video of the interior, photos and floor plans, visit our website here. Our website also has information and photos for all of the accommodation available at our country retreat.

As always, our latest availability can be viewed on our website here, where you can also contact us for more information. Or feel free to e-mail us for more information about exclusive hire of the property at

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