Fair Oak Farm: Meet The Owners

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Nestled in the beautiful Sussex High Weald, Fair Oak Farm has been a holiday destination since 1995, albeit with only a few rooms available to let. We began our journey at the farm in 2006 (see cheesy photo) with the conversion and redesign of barns into boutique holiday accommodation. Since then, our family business has organically grown, going from strength to strength.

When looking for a family home to accommodate three generations we found Fair Oak Farm and discovered the stunning location by chance. We started the small family run business from scratch on day one. We only had dial up for internet and we were one of the first businesses in and around Mayfield village to have a website. We had learnt as we went, often working 20 hour days, 7 days a week, managing to juggle day jobs, building work, day to day management of holiday accommodation, the livestock and farm animals. Somehow, during this time we had three beautiful children.

Since then, we’ve come such a long way, both in terms of personal development and continuously tweaking every little detail, reinvesting time and money, striving to continuously improve the guest experience.

When we launched our innovative eco-lodges in 2011 they became the number one destination for tree houses in the UK and put Fair Oak Farm on the map. It took us two years to get planning permission. A decade later, now that they are proven and cropping up everywhere, our new Grand Eco-Lodge Tree House took just 8 weeks to get planning consent.