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Home Renovation Master Class with the Design Maestros

In my own career, now spanning 30 years, I've had the privilege of designing and managing a vast range of building and renovation projects, from £250k domestic refurbishments and extensions, to £ multi-billion commercial engineering programmes. Combined with dozens of personal projects along the way, including the organic renovation and development of Fair Oak Farm since 2005, to create what it is today, we're no stranger to the potential pitfalls and hurdles you have to overcome when taking on a building or renovation project.

In fact, following the success of our two, award-winning eco-lodge tree houses, constructed 12 years ago, we're currently working on a new two-bedroom tree house, which we're calling the 'Grand Eco-Lodge Tree House', expected to be available to stay in next year.

The Grand Eco-Lodge Tree House - Coming Soon in 2023
The Grand Eco-Lodge Tree House at Fair Oak Farm - Coming Soon in 2023

A renovation project is not for the faint hearted, particularly if you're 'hands-on' designing, planning, engineering and managing any individual trade you're hiring in to under take work you're not doing yourself.

We've all watched TV shows like 'Grand Designs', where homeowners have amazing ideas and all too often the costs escalate and relationships fray, leaving everyone involved feeling extremely stressed.

So, we were really excited when the team at Design Maestros (London) decided to host master class retreats here at Fair Oak Farm. It resonated so well with our own experiences and we recognise how helpful it is for anyone considering a renovation project to learn how to navigate the stressful parts of a build from an expert.

The course, delivered and hosted by Design Maestros, provides a rare opportunity to spend three days, fully immersed in our beautiful Fair Oak Farm, just one hour from central London, learning how to renovate a property,

Eco-Lodge Tree Houses at Fair Oak Farm, under construction in 2010.
Eco-Lodge Tree Houses at Fair Oak Farm, under construction in 2010.

This retreat style class, led by Design Maestros, starts on the 31st of October. This will be a three-day course covering everything you need to know, to create your own perfect home renovation. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • How do you decide on the style you are going to create for the interior?

  • How to achieve a cohesive style that flows from room to room.

  • What do interior designers think about when they approach a design project?

  • Where to find suppliers and how to get good prices, especially with prices of materials and furniture all steadily increasing?

  • Which areas can you get away with spending less money and which areas are worth splashing out on to achieve a well thought through interior.

  • What materials to use and where.

  • How do you stop a contractor from increasing the costs once the job has started?

  • How to pay your contractors as well as when to pay them.

  • Addressing the security of your property whilst the contactors are on site.

  • What to you think about when designing for a kitchen and a bathroom, as well as information on heating and plumbing.

Lyndall Fernie, who will be running the course, has been an interior designer for 30 years, renovating residential properties across London. She has also been teaching interior design for several years. So, not only does she know how to renovate a property, but she also knows how to convey the information in a fun, interesting and most importantly, memorable way.

Lyndall will be available, during the down time, to offer individual advice on the design of your own renovation project. From planning layouts to the choices of furniture, fittings and finishes, her expert eye will note and advise changes that will undoubtedly save you a lot of time, money and heartache in the long run.

If you would like to come and learn from a Design Maestro for three days then you will get to choose which room you have, here at Fair Oak Farm, on a first come first served basis. Get the best rooms at no extra cost. All meals will be provided and there are early bird prices available.

For more information, please use tis link to contact the Design Maestros or if you would like to contact Lyndall directly, you can e-mail her:

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