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Head over to Lakedown Fishery & Tap Room

A short walk across the valley is Lakedown Fishery and Tap Room, where you can sit and enjoy a drink, overlooking beautiful spring-fed lakes.

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Lakedown Fishery and Tap Room, across the valley from Fair Oak Farm

Lakedown has a special place in our hearts. When we first took over as custodians of Fair Oak Farm, nearly two decades ago, we were working long days, working for clients in London, refurbishing the property and hosting retreats. It was 'normal' to be up at 4am and not be in bed until midnight; often surviving on four-hour sleeps, seven days a week. We knew it was temporary, but necessary. Over this 2-3 year period, an early morning 'sun rise' visit to the lakes at weekends, provided the perfect spot for much needed downtime to reflect and re-energise. We'd often meet Ted, custodian of the lodge and lakes, always generous with his time... and the odd cuppa.

Not long after we arrived in the valley, we were welcomed with open arms by Roger and Heather, owners of the lakes, inspiring us over dinner one evening with the DIY refurbishment of their home and learning that the lakes were designed and built by Roger after they moved in.

More recently, with the Tap Room having been open a little while, after the shock of an unexpected loss in our family this Summer, it was the lakes we chose as the spot to have a quiet drink and celebrate their life, with our immediate family around us. Another life moment at the Lakedown Lakes we'll never forget.

Lakedown continues to operate as a family farm and fishing lakes. The fishery and four spring-fed lakes, totalling around 20 acres, were designed and created in 1981 by actor and rock-legend Roger Daltrey, lead singer of 'The Who'. The brewery and Tap Room are a relatively new addition, led by James, proving very popular with the locals.

Brewery & Tap Room: A welcome addition in our valley

The team at Lakedown brew modern and traditional beers in can, bottle, keg and cask, using the best ingredients, giving the beer the time it needs for a full flavoured end product. Their beers are easy drinking and super fresh. All their beers are vegan and most styles are gluten free too.

One of the beers, a Best Bitter named 'Kicking Donkey', is a nod to a much loved pub in nearby Witherenden Hill, which closed many years ago.

Summer opening times are Wednesday to Sunday, midday through to 7pm / 8pm. Weekends often have a food truck / van on-site, such as pizza, burgers or Mexican. Otherwise, bar snacks and cheese & charcuterie boards are available every day.

The lakes are a five minute drive up the lane from Fair Oak Farm, or a lovely 25-30 minute walk across the valley on public footpaths. Please check Lakedown Brewery's website or their social media for more info and updates about upcoming events and food options:

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Eco-Lodges at Fair Oak Farm, East Sussex

Exclusive Hire

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