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Retreats for a healthier NHS

Retreats for NHS workers

Over the years, we've hosted a lot of retreats to support NHS workers, whether it be an annual get-together for Air Ambulance services, charitable retreats for burnt-out NHS staff or gatherings for specialist departments requiring some time out or to focus on a project.

We do our best to make room for these bookings and support them as best we can.

Fair Oak Farm Country Retreat

Fair Oak Farm, surrounded by protected Sussex countryside, yet only one hour from central London.

Local councils continue to approve masses of housing estates without the necessary infrastructure in place, in order to meet government housing targets, which are based on false, over estimated population increases. Combined with underfunding in the NHS over decades, the inevitable result is a strain on health services, including dentists and Dr's surgeries, which cannot cope. In fact, most practices in our local area, in the Wealden district are currently unable to accept new patients.

So, the little bit we do, can sometimes seem futile in comparison to the enormity of the issue. However, when we see the difference it makes to people's lives, it reminds us of the importance to keep offering these spaces for NHS workers.

Dr-Led Retreats

In addition, did you know that our clients also host regular Dr-led retreats here at Fair Oak Farm? In fact, its something we've unintentionally come to specialise in. We were actually hosting Dr-led retreats long before more traditional yoga and pilates retreats were being hosted here. Some of these have included retreats for women going through treatment for cancer, for those recovering from spinal surgery and support groups for local health charities, such as for end-of-life care. Seeing the good these have and the change in people's lives is a feeling that I cannot describe. It can be overwhelming. It's not only the patient who benefits, but their families, friends and loved ones.

We'll obviously never fully counter the appalling impact of over-development and under funding to the NHS, resulting from politically-led decisions, but seeing the difference these retreats make to lives and the happiness they can bring, makes us happy too.

Flexible Space, Accommodation and Facilities

The combination of NHS worker support and patient care retreats, means that we have fairly regular NHS and health related retreats hosted here. Apart from our own personal interests in these retreats, the property lends itself well to hosting these retreats, with flexible spaces suitable for group workshops, multiple break-out sessions or one-to-one consultations, whist also having the necessary facilities for treatments, sauna and private overnight accommodation. Every year, we continue to re-invest, tweak and improve to make life easier for retreat organisers whilst hosting these types of retreat.

If you work for the NHS and would like to organise a get together for your team, or for extended care support, please get in touch. We'll likely have relevant trusted suppliers we can introduce you to and will be happy to help guide you through the process to hosting a retreat.

For more information contact us via our website or by e-mail:

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