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Oh My! On-Site Treatments

One of our most popular trusted local suppliers has been the lovely Emma and her team from her award winning salon, The Beauty Bar, who for many years now, has provided on-site treatments for guests here at Fair Oak Farm.

In an exciting move, Emma has now joined forces with 'Oh My' Hair salon, relocating her business to Chapel Place, in the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells and re-branding her business to become 'Oh My' Beauty, together offering hair and beauty treatments, all under one roof.

Emma and her team will continue to provide therapists for on-site treatments here at Fair Oak Farm, utilising plenty of flexible spaces and outbuildings to enable one or several therapists to work in the day.

Therapists are usually hired per day or half day. It's up to guests how they'd prefer to split the time up and schedule treatments, but it's usually broken down into half hour or hourly slots, changing on the hour or half hour to allow for 25 min or 45-50 min sessions with breaks in between. Emma is on-hand to help with your schedule and has many years of experience on how best to organise available time slot for guests.

There are generally three basic treatment options on offer - facials, massage or nail spa, with specifics agreed with each client. This means each client gets a more relevant, personal service to suit their needs, for example using products to suit their skin type.

As with all of our trusted suppliers, the usual checks for insurance and relevant certifications have already been undertaken, but above all, having suppliers who are familiar with the property and its facilities and who we trust to treat guests and the property with the level of care they've come to expect, offers huge benefits.

Emma and her team can get booked up quite far in advance, so we'd encourage you to book as soon after securing a booking to stay at the farm as possible. If you're interested in booking in any therapists during your stay, please do get in touch and we'll be pleased to introduce you.

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