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Investing in new technology for Safe Stays

We're investing in brand new technology. Before you arrive, your accommodation will not only be deep cleaned but spaces will also be rotationally sanitised using our new Ozone machines. Ozone is highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria and odours.

Your safety is very important to us. Although we're a covid-secure venue (read more about this on our blog) and have stringent housekeeping and change-over protocols in place which far exceed national standards, our new Ozone machines help us provide the safest possible environment for our guests.

Our investment not only helps to provide a fresh, healthy environment for guests, our staff and any visitors but they are a more natural, greener solution than any other method of deodorization – reducing any potential Carbon Footprint whilst keeping furnishings, fabrics and all surfaces clear of viruses and bacteria.

Although used in large care homes, hospitals and medial environments, they tend to only be found in larger, commercial hospitality environments, including a handful of high end accommodation providers, such as the Ritz and other five star hotels in London, probably because of the high capital cost of the machines.

Unique Multi-Property Accommodation

Here at Fair Oak Farm there are ten separate properties providing accommodation, each with their own en-suite bathrooms and kitchen facilities. More than ample indoor and outdoor communal spaces provide the space for everyone to maintain safe distances and reduce contact should they want to.

Additional visitors are not permitted to the farm without our prior consent and with access limited to confirmed guests, our staff, trusted suppliers and limited viewings by appointment, everyone visiting the farm can rest assured any risk to health is mitigated as far as is reasonably possible.

Combined with the use of Ozone machines to eradicate any potential viruses, exclusive use of this unique, multi-property accommodation means we're the very unique position of being able to offer a safe environment for overnight stays of single households, whilst also having the space to minimise, eliminate or manage the proximity of contact between households however best suits your group.

With all of the above in mind, whether or not the introduction of a domestic medical passport or COVID certificate is enforced for overnight accommodation providers in the UK, you can expect them to have little to no value for mitigating risks during your stay here at Fair Oak Farm.

It is incumbent on individual groups to assess and mitigate their own risks and to protect themselves as they see fit within their own group during their stay, safe in the knowledge that here at Fair Oak Farm our housekeeping protocols, use of Ozone machines and unique multi-property accommodation provides the safest possible environment for a group staycation or retreat in Sussex.

How Do Ozone Machines Work?

Each Ozone machine will generally be used to sanitise a single room or enclosed space with a treatment cycle of about an hour.

Smaller domestic machines simply expel ozone gas in to a space. Whilst this is effective, after treating the room for an hour or so, it means you cannot safely enter that space for several hours after use - in fact it would be harmful to breathe in O3 gas.

With people, pets and plants removed from an enclosed space, a commercial Ozone machine uses dielectric discharge technology to generate ozone (O3) to first eradicate bacteria and viruses and then completes the deactivation cycle by replacing O3 with O2, removing residual ozone so that it may be more immediately, safely re-occupied.

It works in much the same way as a lightening strike, using the electric current to produce O3.

Capital Investment in Health Stays

It's possible to find small machines for under £500 on-line. However, each commercial ozone machine will set you back between £5k and £10k.

At Fair Oak Farm we have about 30 separate spaces being rotationally sanitised. So investment in Ozone machines is far from cheap!

Pro's & Con's of Ozone Machines

A safe, fresh, healthy environment for guests, our staff and any visitors.

A natural, green method of deodorization for virus-free spaces.

No need for COVID certificates - take responsibility for your own group's health and safety.

No flexibility on arrival and departure times, to allow time for our housekeeping team.

No viewing appointments (Open Days are planned later in the year).

Requires significant capital investment.


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