Platinum Healing Retreats in 2020

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Fair Oak Farm are very excited to announce that we're partnering up with Platinum Healing Retreats in 2020, who will be offering their highly acclaimed retreats here at Fair Oak Farm every month.

Platinum Healing Retreats

Platinum Healing is owned and managed by Kate Tyler, a world-renowned yoga teacher, hypnotherapist and life coach. Fair Oak Farm and Platinum Healing have both established themselves over the last decade or so, both gathering plenty of awards along the way and both growing and developing organically to meet demand. So it makes complete sense to combine our expertise and work together to provide anyone attending a Platinum Healing Retreat at Fair Oak Farm the some of the best retreat experiences available in the UK today. We're really excited about what's to come.

Individuals, two friends or couples attending a retreat get their own private accommodation and a tailor-made experience over four nights from Kate's team of therapists. These retreats will help you rid your body of toxins, strengthen your body's immune system and learn how to benefit from its natural self-cleansing abilities, whilst giving your digestive system a break whilst having the option of daily yoga, hypnotherapy, massage, life coaching and fitness training.

Platinum Retreats offer a range of programmes, including:

· Juice Detox

· Green Juice Cleanse

· Self-Healing