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Self Love Day Retreat with Jess & Mary

Jessica aka 'The Fat Funny One' and life coach Mary 'Baddass' Meadows (@marybadassmeadows) were side by side on the panel for a day retreat here at Fair Oak Farm this Spring, discussing self compassion and self care.

The event was part sponsored by @ivyverdure, scented candles for the day were provided by Neom Organics and money was raised for charities chosen by Jess and Mary.

A yoga session was led by Kiri Rayner (aka @littlehealthbunny pictured below) and the food was provided by our trusted suppliers at The Wealden Kitchen. Video by 42 South Films.

Check out Jessica's You Tube channel for more videos of her discussions. Watch this space for the release of future retreat dates with Jess, Mary and our trusted suppliers.


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