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What type of sauna do we have... and why?

Having a sauna is of course a logical, obvious choice for any successful venue hosting retreats all year round.

But which type? Traditional or Infra-red? Which heating system is best? What works for everyone? We wanted to choose the right solution, to suit ALL types of retreat, hosted here at Fair Oak Farm.

We loved the idea of a traditional sauna but soon realised that an infra-red sauna would provide all the same benefits and come with many other advantages.

In particular, for the retreats dedicated to those going through treatment for cancer and other life threatening diseases, our infra-red sauna can be enjoyed at a slightly lower, more tolerable temperature.

There are endless science based reports and studies, many claiming huge health advantages of an infra-red sauna over a traditional one, such a deeper tissue impact through the skin for better flushing of toxins and for cleansing the skin. The truth is, the jury's out here, on how proven those advantages are. However, one thing's for sure, even if those health claims are proven to be limited, the health benefits are still at the very least equal to a traditional sauna.

In a practical sense, apart from being more tolerable, it's easy to use and takes only 15-20 mins to warm up, causing less disruption to schedules during a retreat.

The sauna at Fair Oak Farm is suitable for four people, although it's more often used by one or two people at a time. If you're hiring the property to host a retreat, there are no additional charges or costs although it does need to be booked in advance.

Our specialist sauna has proven popular with our regular detox and Doctor-led retreats although has been used by guests attending all sorts of different retreats.

Having a sauna here, compliments our popular Treatment Studio with nail spa and massage therapy and also the option of a hot tub. Unlike most venues with in-built hot -tubs that might be hosed down once a week (at best!), we only use a trusted, professional hot-tub supplier to supply the size that suits you, with a fully cleansed , clean hot tub with new filters, flushed pump and fresh ph balanced water before every single use.

Interested in hiring the property to host your own retreat? You can read more here. We provide exclusive use of the estate, with back-to-back bookings all year round. Whether you're a world renowned expert in your field or you're new to organising retreats, we're here to work with you to make your retreat the best in can be for your customers.

If you're interested in attending one of our own in-house retreats, you can find out more here. With single or shared occupancy of a lodge, cottage or en-suite bedroom, you can enjoy the property with a inclusive schedule of classes and amazing food by our private chef.

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