Made in Mayfield

The. Little. Local. Luxuries.

Your stay at Fair Oak Farm is always intertwined with an abundance of little, luxury touches, you’ll spy them by your bed as your head rests against your pillow or after a wondrously, calming day. You’ll spy them dotted around the barn in your yoga classes, next to your luxurious tubs as you sink down in to a bubble bath of dreams at night, they will even be ready for you and your big Raymond Blanc moment, as you whip up a feast for friends in your private kitchen.


As soon as you step inside, from your woodland walks, yoga classes, dinners by the fire pit, and in to your private, little, slice of luxury at your Fair Oak Farm home, your senses will become blissfully aware of a calming and relaxing scent – meet our Fair Oak Farm Room Spray. Formulated in-house, our beautiful blend of invigorating essential oils and rosemary linger within all our indoor spaces and always promise to deliver a livening, kick-start to your senses.


The subject of hygiene has never before been so prevalent, our shift of awareness in all things clean is colossal. We are all washing our hands far more regularly, we sanitise all surfaces that we or any others may come in to contact with, thoroughly, and we all are striving to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. All that cleanliness, it won’t be long until you notice the incredible aromas remaining on your hands following the use of one of our hand blended Fair Oak Farm Hand Washes, you’ll be immediately transported to a beautifully fragrant English rose garden.