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Private Chef at Fair Oak Farm Retreat

We can introduce you to a range of trusted local suppliers - the most popular introduction we make has to be to a private retreat chef.

farmhouse dining private retreat chef

One big advantage of employing a trusted private chef during your stay is that they're familiar with the property and it's facilities. When it comes to catering, this makes a huge difference, saving everyone an enormous amount of time and making for an enjoyable retreat. They know how to access the property, where to park, how everything in the kitchens works and what they need to bring with them.

Other benefits include knowing insurance, food safety certification and other checks have already been under undertaken and they work to our price guidance so you know where you stand and get exceptional value for money. Unlike external suppliers, they do not contribute towards your limit of guest numbers and you have confidence that they'll deliver the quality and service our guests have come to expect. For all these reasons and more, we prefer not to permit other visitors and suppliers other than in exceptional circumstances and only with our prior consent at the time of booking.

Whether it's full-board healthy meals during a wellness retreat or corporate stay, or a one-off fine dining experience for a special occasion, having an experienced chef on site is often a big part of what makes your stay such a magical, memorable experience. To wet your appetite, below is a very brief introduction to a couple of our 'go to ' chefs.

fair oak farm retreat private chef

Stuart Mathieson, Private Chef & Fine Dining

Stuart’s illustrious career started out in fine dining restaurants of his native Scotland, on to super yachts and luxury ski chalets. This led to working worldwide, regularly cooking for celebrities and several heads of state.

Stuart and his family now live locally, which means less travel for him, whilst our guests have the privilege of his experience and expertise. He's equally happy creating fine dining taster menus as he is with live fire cooking or healthy retreat menus, consistently delighting clients.

Stuart has fast become our 'go to' chef for most groups and if he's not available, he can introduce other trusted, talented chefs.

private retreat chef

John Bayley, Retreat Chef & Cookery Courses

Owner of Cashew Catering, based in nearby Lewes, offering an experienced and professional approach to sustainable, plant based, healthy foods.

John has extensive experience of catering for retreats and private events, as well as cookery courses and classes, specialising in nutritional and vibrant vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and raw food.

As the owner of a catering company, John has a number of chefs available, one or two who have become the preference for some regular retreats.

barn dining fair oak farm retreat private chef

Dining in the central barn at Fair Oak Farm

Our trusted suppliers can get booked up, so we always recommend introductions are requested as soon after you book your stay as possible.

As we tend to get booked up at least 6-12 months ahead ourselves, our trusted chefs will usually be able to keep dates we have available, free for our customers, except when we have late availability at short notice. However, once a booking has been made and dates are secure, if an introduction for catering services is not been requested within a few weeks, they know they can free those dates up for other clients. This is another reason to request introductions to trusted suppliers as soon after you book your stay as possible.

al-fresco dining farmhouse retreat private chef

Al-fresco dining in the courtyard of the Farmhouse at Fair Oak Farm

When you book your accommodation you'll get a link to our Guest Guide and other useful information and documents for before and during your stay, including a pack with information about trusted local suppliers.

If you'd like an introduction to any of our trusted suppliers, please let us know.

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