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The Magic of Mayfield

The High Street in the medieval village of Mayfield is just 2 miles from Fair Oak Farm.

Mayfield is the perfect example of a British picture postcard village, quite rare these days - particularly so close to London. In a time when the majority of villages are struggling to keep their local businesses going and with post offices, banks and pubs closing left, right and centre, Mayfield and found a way thrive and continues to keep it's community spirit alive year after year. Perhaps why it awarded the most sought after village to live in the UK by The Daily Telegraph not so long ago. In April this year Index Magazine featured the village and many of its businesses in an article called ‘The Magic of Mayfield’.

Some of the fantastic businesses featured in the article include Flower House and Home, Monty & Ward, Four Winds, Fine Wines of Mayfield and Smith & Crumble. A really great write-up about Mayfield and we were so pleased to be asked to take part. You can read the full article here.

Mayfield is a village well-known for it’s cultural events especially the Mayfield Carnival & Bonfire Parade which takes place every September. It’s a big event for the village and this annual tradition is in memory of the Protestant Martyrs who was burned at the stake in the village on 23rd September 1555, having been convicted by the British Inquisition for heresy. The carnival procession passes through the High Street with it’s participants dressed in costume, carrying flame torches whilst accompanied by bands and drummers. It’s definitely one for the whole family to come along to!

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